Monterey Jazz Festival

A group of people playing instruments on stage.

Monterey Jazz Festival

Artwork, branding and environmental design

The Monterey Jazz Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in Monterey, California. It was founded on October 3, 1958 by jazz disc jockey Jimmy Lyons. We took inspiration from the crashing waves of the nearby Big Sur shores and created a multicolored splash that overtook the grounds of the festival and digital advertising that year.

A close up of the letters on a poster
A series of posters with different colors and designs.
A bunch of stickers that are on the wall
A series of black and white logos for the jazz festival.
A poster of the hotel r 7 mista on the side of a building.
A folded brochure with a bunch of different types of brochures
A black and white logo for the monterey jazz festival.
A colorful poster of the monterey jazz festival.
A series of photos showing people performing at the mobile jazz festival.
A poster of the monterey jazz festival.
A magazine spread with yellow post it notes and numbers.
A magazine spread with the words welcome and some type of text.
A magazine page with the words brass, blue, beats and bop

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