McDonald's TV spot

Agency: DDB Chicago

For a designer used to drawing pictures at a desk, painting and acting in a McDonald’s commercial was a surreal experience. When DDB first got in touch about some lettering for a McDonald’s TV spot, I never imagined they wanted me to be IN the commercial. After quite a bit of meeting, planning, and sketching, I flew to Los Angeles for the filming.

We were limited to an eight-hour shoot,three of which I spent “acting” and popping McBites in my mouth. I started worrying that there wasn’t a drop of paint on the wall, but once they finally turned me loose the stress went away, I had a blast, and finished up with half an hour to spare. High fives and laughter all around!

This commercial ran consistently during the 2012 Summer Olympics, so now my mom finally kinda knows what I do for a living.

A collage of photos with the words

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