Bastille on Bishop 2019

A book cover with the words

Bastille on Bishop 2019

CLIENT: Go Oak Cliff

Bastille on Bishop is An annual festival in the heart of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX that celebrates Oak Cliff’s unique French roots. Dancing in the streets, berets and striped shirts, wine, cheese, live music, pantomime… you get it. The good folks at Go Oak Cliff and I worked on developing artwork for the event that would be used for digital marketing, environmental graphics and merch. We hired the amazing team at Vahalla Studios to screen print a limited run of prints to sell at the event and created a toolkit of graphics for merch, ads and way finding.  Good timed were had by all!

A poster of the cover of bastille on bishop
A white bag with the words bastille on bishop 2 0 1 9
A crowd of people standing around in front of a building.
A black t-shirt with some designs on it
A person standing under an awning next to several shirts.
A poster for bastille on bishop.

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